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Shanghai "special special new" small and medium enterprises deep observation
In scientific research as the main body, the trade is architecture founded by Shanghai new techtextiles co., LTD., for 17 years, relying on the Shanghai textile group (holding) platform advantage in capital, technology and channel, deep industry textile industry and the core product line geosynthetic material integrating with the international level.
Shanghai new textile core products for several key projects.
The core products of Shanghai new textile products are used in key and local key projects of the Yangtze river estuary deepwater channel, big xiaorangshan project, caofeidian reclamation project, etc. At present, the company's annual sales of earthwork products alone are 80 million yuan.
Fill in the blank: take the earthwork textile as the breakthrough point
Shanghai new textile industry supplies co., LTD. Is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai shenda (600626) co., LTD., a subsidiary of Shanghai textile (holdings) group.
Shanghai new textile deputy general manager, senior engineer Xue Yulong told reporters, the business newspaper group parent company was originally a traditional textile industry enterprises, mainly the production of clothing, home textile is given priority to, and this is a microcosm of the whole of China textile industry at that time. Textile industry in foreign countries, by contrast, in the modern textile industry production accounted for forty percent, and the clothing, textile and other civilian textile form the production pattern of the 433, at a time when the proportion of domestic textile industry is less than 5%. Under this background, Shanghai textile group invested in Shanghai new textile in 1996, aiming at opening the channel of industrial textile products.
However, there is a wide range of industrial textile applications, and there is no precedent in China to learn from the current situation.
"In the late 1990s, a series of major infrastructure projects such as ports and railways were built in China, which greatly increased the demand for industrial textiles such as geosynthetic materials. Under the guidance of the group, Shanghai new textile co., LTD., USES geotechnical materials as a breakthrough and seeks business opportunities.
So Shanghai new textile based on a group of scientific research resources platform and technical equipment, production, project cooperation and extend the industrial chain, and formed the independent company technology center takes the lead in research and development of geosynthetic materials. "Shanghai new textile use three years time to grasp the technological innovation, constantly to participate in professional exhibitions abroad, also pay attention to industry forefront of dynamics, a large number of absorbing foreign technology is suitable for China's environment in the technological innovation." Xue Yulong told reporters that the company had developed all kinds of advanced woven geotextile, composite geotextile geosynthetic materials, such as to fill the market blank of domestic geotechnical textile products in the industry.
Technical innovation: seek in case practice
"In 1997, the country started to build the deep water channel of the Yangtze river, when it invested more than 170 billion yuan, and the successful experience of taicang port river management brought us to this project." Xue Yulong and creates the two deputy general manager wang jian recalls, together with the successful experience of the deep navigation channel in the taicang port and the Yangtze river, truly laid the new textile in geosynthetic materials in the field of industry leading position.
According to Xue Yulong, Yangtze river estuary waters wide, LiuShaLiang, plus channel draft is not deep, a encountered typhoon bad weather, such as underwater tens of thousands of cubic meters of quicksand will gather on the fairway, seriously affected the waterway transportation.
"Engineering early trials to the tradition of enrockment dam, handling a large number of stone from the other cities to Shanghai, and then thrown into the Yangtze river, human form of underwater dam, to prevent quicksand, eventually because of current scour, hollowed foundation, foundation sinking more than 10 meters are still unable to secure a stable foundation. So waterway embankment is difficult to forming has been plagued by construction and the stability of the deepwater channel, draw lessons from foreign experience, in the communication, the coordination unit, Shanghai waterway design units to cooperate with us."
After several rounds of experimental simulation and engineering test, in a recently rows shop software woven geotextile composite material covered quicksand, again through the stone, or building components, can well control the stability of sand body, prevent quicksand flow. After the excellent completion of the channel management in taicang port, new textile was invited to participate in the construction of the main project of the Yangtze river deep water channel. Wang said that during the construction of the Yangtze river deep water channel, the new textile has completed many rounds of technological innovation and accumulated rich practical experience.
"One is to use in the traditional textile industry sewing experience accumulated over the years, the applications of foreign technology to domestic programs, using imported wide weaving equipment, on the basis of industrialization, standardization production, connect the woven geotextile composite material into hundreds of metres long and dozens of meters wide matrix, and sew in the corresponding position according to the requirements of bearing reinforced belt, without changing the fabric at the same time, the strength of hydraulic characteristics and meet the combination of ballast concrete interlocking blocks, made dozens of tons of concrete with geosynthetic materials into the bottom of the sea, convenient for construction arrangement of ship arrangement in a large river."
"The second is based on the domestic material advantages and features of the polypropylene material to replace the commonly used polyester materials abroad, not only has better acid-proof, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, firm characteristics also reduces the cost, the stability of the hydraulic index is higher than that of polyester materials."
"Three is to upgrade the strength of the base gasket. At the same time, we have developed 20,000 oxen high strength woven earth work cloth to fill the domestic gap and break the monopoly of foreign countries, guaranteeing the further development of the project to the deep water.
Wang gen, said after the above several rounds of technical innovation, in Yangtze estuary deepwater channel after the completion of the second phase transformation, the original Yangtze shipping loading and unloading, tide, on average, three days, shorten to one day can be completed directly, construction cost is better than a large number of stone, save the cost of nearly half, until now, more than ten years past, standing firmly in Yangtze estuary deepwater channel dike, quicksand impact phenomenon does not appear again, now waterway construction is extend in the direction of the upstream of nanjing.
Encounter bottleneck: price war hampers enterprise innovation development
Test section in the Yangtze estuary deepwater channel, taicang port of international construction project, in March 1999, Shanghai new textile was the setc seven ministries and commissions such as optimizing the first geosynthetic materials for our country the first batch of key manufacturing enterprises. Thereafter, Shanghai new textile also successively experienced luchao port of lingang new city, big little mountain project, caofeidian reclamation and other dozens of countries and places the construction of key projects, Shanghai was rated as "high-tech enterprise", "guard the heavy reputation of contract" AAA enterprise in Shanghai.
Since its establishment in 1996, Shanghai new textile has been awarded the new product award, science and technology progress award, etc., and achieved the successful transformation of 4 high-tech products. It is reported that the company only annual sales of earthwork products is about 80 million yuan, and will continue to invest 10 percent of the annual sales. At present, the company is still tracking the advanced textile technology of foreign countries, and intends to develop new materials for light industry, chemical composite application and space aviation.
Platform advantages of relying on the Shanghai textile (holding) group, Shanghai new textile industrial textile products in the field of capital, technology, talent is not a lot of problems, but the current domestic market environment has become the bottleneck of enterprises to further develop and expand.
"On the one hand, the state and local projects are a planned continuous investment. Enterprises want to do a great job. The construction cycle of key projects is not sustainable. Disorderly competition in the domestic market, on the other hand, offshoring, technical protection is not strict, competitive industry homogeneity, cause excessive dependence on low, low price competition, leads to innovation drive, jeopardizing the interests of high and new technology enterprise. At the same time, some local projects have been marked by low price and high standards, and the procurement suppliers have been spotty. The high and new technology enterprises with high budgets and relatively high prices face considerable competitive pressure.
[analysis of experts]
Dr Lee kun-cheng (chairman of kwan kwan)
When we talk about a textile company, the first thought is a traditional clothing, textile and other textile production, while the Shanghai new textile more to change our traditional ideas, textile and other construction, medical and other industries, textile extends the definition of the concept.
As an important branch of the textile industry, the textile industry has been developing rapidly recently. According to relevant statistics, the economic value added value of the industrial textile industry in the first half of this year was 14.4%, ranking first in the textile industry. The main business revenue and profit of enterprises of scale and above increased 18.83% and 23.4% year on year, which was higher than that in the same period last year. The profit margin of the industry was 5.23%, a year-on-year increase of 0.3 percentage points, and the economic benefits were further improved. Shanghai new textile relying on the Shanghai textile (holding) group, make full use of the group in capital, technology and so on various aspects of the platform edge, in this niche industry textile industry continuously forge ahead, and also in the group's subsidiaries, is a part of the development is relatively fast.
Industrial textiles are mainly related to medical and health care, geotechnical construction, filtration separation, leather base cloth, reclaimed fiber, silk screen weaving and non-woven equipment. Main products of Shanghai new textile focus in the field of earthwork construction, this area along with the rapid development of China's economy, especially the rapid development of the construction, transportation and other industries, and has a considerable vitality. Therefore, the demand for the industrial textiles of only some earthwork projects is huge for Shanghai new textile production products. With the start and development of China's new round of construction, the industrial textile demand gap of the earthwork project will continue to increase, which will bring better market opportunities for the new textile industry in Shanghai.
In addition, due to the breakthrough development of non-woven technology, the industrial textile processing efficiency has been greatly improved, and the cost has been reduced, and the application of industrial textiles has been expanded. The combined production costs of viscose and non-woven non-woven fabrics have been greatly reduced. The development of industrial warp knitting and three-dimensional weaving technology has realized the stable production of such heterogeneous materials as wind turbine blades, satellite stents and rocket pipes, satisfying the requirements of aviation and new energy. The development of new fiber application technology enriches the varieties of industrial textiles and expands the application field. As a rapidly growing industry, its development motivation undoubtedly comes from innovation. In particular, the development of new materials has brought new growth impetus to the development of industry and enterprises. Shanghai new textile fully rely on group institute of scientific research resources platform and technical equipment production, project cooperation, and established the independent company technology center takes the lead in research and development of geosynthetic materials, has become the enterprise technology engine, walking in the industry leading level, for the enterprise to create the conditions. The production of various composite materials has also further broadened the product market of enterprises and brought a broader market demand.
Because of the obvious cluster effect of the industry, the development of large enterprises is better. So for Shanghai new textile, becomes more important for market integration, formed a complete industrial chain, improve the overall technology level, further improve the enterprise research and development capabilities, will be able to make the enterprise stand on a higher starting point, to further improve the functional geotextile, new type building textiles and geosynthetic materials of high technology content, and can enhance the competitive advantage of enterprise products and environmental protection advantages, so as to improve the overall image of enterprises and market competitiveness of the product.
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