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Wuxi Sanda Textile Accessory Co.,Ltd(SKN®),since 1991 is a renowned manufacturer of YARN SPLICERS for knotless yarn joining.


During the past years, SKN® has developed a wide range of yarn splicers for various yarns such as wool, cotton, linen, tencel, polyester, viscose, sewing threads, spandex yarn, glass fiber, poly-amide, tyre cord, carpet yarn,etc.


SKN® series provides both manual splicers and auto splicers. According to the variety of yarns, users can choose between air splicer and water splicer in order to achieve the best performance.


SKN splicers are the products of years of research and development and our team aims at improving technology and reliability by manufacturing the best quality products (high performance, simplicity and strength) and offering the highest standards of customer service for our customers.


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