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Current location:index > News > Questions > Huge demand drives India's textile companies to rush into the Chinese market
Kicks off in 27 of the 10th China international exhibition of textile yarn (spring), India, Pakistan, textile enterprises to become the most active exhibition group, accounting for about ninety percent of all overseas pavilion, a total of nearly hundred printing, cotton enterprises, committed to the latest cotton yarn, information processing technology to the boundless potential market in China.
According to organizers of the China textile industry association, overseas manufacturers in recent years has gradually realized the huge potential of the Chinese market, China produced each year a large number of textile fabrics and clothing, is the current import fiber, yarn is one of the most populous country in the world. Because in recent years, China's imports of cotton yarn is not subject to quota restrictions, and imported cotton yarn price is lower than the domestic price, therefore the Chinese textile actively seeking import cheap cotton yarn from abroad, China's import demand increases the cotton yarn exports of India and Pakistan, has more and more Indian enterprises will focus on our sales in the Chinese market.
Data from the Indian textile ministry showed that in September 2012, India's cotton yarn exports to China totaled 22.2 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 78, 000 tons. Still, India remains China's second-largest supplier of cotton yarn, and Pakistan continues to stay ahead. Over the same period, Pakistan's cumulative export volume reached 39.20 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 202, 000 tons.
Industry insiders analysis, the reason why the Indian yarn and Pakistan yarn are popular in China, the main reason is the low cotton price advantage. In addition, China, which has been developing at a high speed for over 30 years, is now phasing out some of its backward production capacity and making structural adjustments. The yarns produced by India and Pakistan have just made up for the gap in the sector.
As an important platform to demonstrate the technological innovation strength of the upstream of the textile industry chain, the China international textile yarn (spring/summer) exhibition, which is being held here, has attracted nearly 200 exhibitors from home and abroad.
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