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Answer: the CNC drilling machine is high efficiency
In recent days, from henan, liaoning and other places of businessmen streamed to yongkang furusan nc training department, we are looking for the training department wu jun, director of research and development of spinning nc drilling machine needle plate, and praise, this kind of machine efficiency is high, worked to one top 40 people.
'it's a bonus,' says Mr. Wu, referring to the machine's history. In August 2010, a spinning in yongkang xixi town do with friend make a phone call to say: "I have a lot of recycle, old cloth broken very bother, if there is a special machine for automatic opening is good, can save manpower, and can also improve the work efficiency." After learning about his friends' ideas, wu thought it was feasible, so they worked on it, because the technical problem friend didn't understand, so wu jun took the responsibility.
At first, the machine was always scrapped. After that, wu had time to figure out how to improve it. After more than a year, wu jun finally made the machine. Friends found that after using this machine than before with artificial efficiency at least double, and the operation is simple, one can look after 20 machine at the same time, just to work out the switch.
"Now with this drill, thousands of pins are added, and if you turn the button on, it will run automatically, not only more closely, but also more symmetrical." Wu jun took out a patent certificate and said, "I have obtained the national utility model patent for the hole machine of my pin board. The patent number is ZL201120347351. 1."
I opened the patent certificate, the above is said: "this practical new type of numerical control bench drill drilling machine has simple operation, cheap, strong practicability etc., in line with the machinery manufacturing automation trend, to more than one machine, reduce the labor, improve productivity".
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