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Commodity detailed introduction:

SKN - 2005
Water mist type air splitter (automatic air knotter)
Technical performance structure characteristics
Install on Savio automatic winding machine (transform) to solve the original air twister (490L,
The yarn that can't be twisted by 498Q, 590L and twister, such as: thick cotton yarn, bamboo knot
Yarn, OE yarn, linen, cotton yarn, etc.

Scope of licing
SKN - 2005B/E type water mist type air splitter can be based on the different characteristics of the yarn (e.g., twist, twist,
The length of fiber and the characteristic of raw materials are configured with corresponding twist, and the number of twist can be ne6-ne80 (98tex -).
A variety of yarns between 7tex.
Skn-2005b type of water mist type air splitter is equipped with a special drive, which is more suitable for twisting thick cotton yarn, cotton yarn, cotton covered yarn,
Linen and cotton blended yarn. Its excellent stability and wide application range can satisfy different spinning process yarn (such as ring spinning and airflow)
Spinning, spinning, spinning, etc.

Main technical parameters
The original yarn splicing strength is greater than or equal to 80% (as the composition, count, twist, and strands, can meet the need of the post process)
The strength of uneven rate (CV% =%18)
The length of the splicing area: 15-20mm
The diameter of the splicing area: not more than 1.1 - 1.3 times the original yarn
The splicing speed: 05--1.5 / yarn (adjustable)
The air splicer using air pressure: O.7Mpa--O.78Mpa
The consumption of every gas consumption 1--2.25L splicing
The spray of water consumption: O.08--0.02ml/

The 2005E type air twister is installed at SAVIO ORION-M automatic
The performance of the winder is the same as that of 492, 4923E and 4924E.
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