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SKN-2006B Model is an air splicer specially designed for the cord industry. The cord spliced by SKN-2006B Model can reach the export standard.

Without the air splicer, the cord fabric weaving uses the all-up-and-down process. The process produces relatively less endings but requires accurate fixed length (which requires better equipment), takes approximate 6 hours of bobbin loading time (which severely affects productivity), produces a lot of defective cords (which affects income)  and costs much bobbin waiting time (which needs more bobbins).

With SKN-2006B Model air splicer, the cycling process is used instead of the all-up-and-down process.
The advantages of cycling process: it has no need for accurate fixed length, significantly saves the bobbin loading time to improve the loom productivity, sharply reduces the cutting remnants and accelerates the bobbin turnover. Thus it remarkably increases the economic benefits of the enterprise. Generally, the use cost can be recovered between half a year and one year.

Application scope: the polyamide-6, polyamide-66 cord and polyester cord.

Splicing range: Dtex200~Dtex2500 primary twist filament, two ply yarn, three ply yarn

Splice strength: 75%-85% (compared to the raw fiber)

Required air pressure >0.75Mpa

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