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Detailed product introduction:
Applicable variety of yarn: polyester sewing thread(shaped), viscose, cotton, polyester cotton and other yarn.
Features: ①Metal detwisting tube solves the daily wastage of oscillator and oscillator plate.
②Improve splicing performance.
③Metal detwisting tube produces large negative pressure in the mingling chamber when it detwists. It cleans the
chamber every time when making the splice. In this way, the wear and tear of other components would decrease.
Application scope: the polyester and polyamide sewing thread, multiple ply polyester thread, polyester core-spun yarn, high count and high twist wool yarn.
Applied density: 36~4.85 Tex for single yarn(normal twist)
Splicing strength: more than 80% of original yarn strength.
Splicing diameter: less than 1.2times of original yarn.
Compressed air pressure: 0.65Mpa~0.75Mpa
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